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HotFly (Hotels & Flights Booking Sytem)

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HotFly (Hotels & Flights Booking Sytem)

4 lakhs plus hotels , All GDS & LLC Flights!

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HotFly - A one stop solution for travel technology

  • Increase revenue and widen reach instantly.
  • Streamline your business with awesome technology and improve efficiency instantly.
  • Exploit the potential of travel e-commerce.
  • Provide new dimensions to your travel business with HotFly.
  • HotFly is pre-integrated with major suppliers that helps you after the base fares and deals to your customers.
  • Give your business multi advantage and open the doors to newer opportunities.
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Manage Deals and Pricing

  • Upload personalised Mark-Ups
  • Powerful backend administration tool
  • Have full control on the business and manage real time
  • Analyze trends and customer behaviour
  • Setup and manage markup and commission and discount
          rules for B2B or B2C sales channel to sell more

Content Management System

Instant Setup:

Setting up online shop is child's play, Configure Modules and Services. See it to believe it.

Scalable and Flexible:

Can scale with new services and new suppliers without disturbing existing business.

Advanced Search:

Flights - One way, Round Trip Special Fares, Hotel Name, Rating and Board Type.

Multiple Services:

Plug and Play Modules for Flights, Hotels, Cars, Bus, Vacation Packages & Increasing sell.

Social Media:

In today's socially connected world, it is must to have social media tools, we have it.


Supports multiple sales channel - B2B and B2c without different pricing structure.

You can check out Hotels and Flights booking system tailored by us here.

  • MIS (Management Information System)
  • SMS Alerts API
  • You can create unlimited Agents and Distributors
  • Email Alerts
  • Add and Brand your own Company Logo
  • Markup facility
  • Backend control to view real time bookings
  • Instant Setup with Flexible features – Configure Modules, services and Suppliers. “See it to believe it”
  • Multiple Services – Plug and Play Modules forFlights , Hotel, Bus
  • Accounting Integration
  • Attractive design to follow a theme and scheme exhibiting class, credibility, quality & professionalism
  • MIS (Management Information System)
  • Presentable UI/ UX for the end user
  • SMS Alerts API
  • Social Media – Today world is socially connected, and we provide you with Social media tools.
  • Instant Setup
  • Email Alerts
  • Markup facility for website owner/Admin panel
  • Backend control to view real time bookings
  • Instant Setup with Flexible features – Configure Modules, services and Suppliers.
  • Multiple Services – Plug and Play Modules for Flights , Hotel, Bus
  • Accounting Integration
  • Standard API doc
  • Rigorous IT support from MOS IT team
Single Wallet (Common Balance):
  • Much higher transaction processing capacity
  • Providing unmatched security for the transactions
  • No restriction on area of operation like state, City or town.
  • Automated MIS and reconciliation portal for you to access anytime
  • More Efficient Working Capital Utilizaton - You can put in amounts based on your daily average transaction volumes thus deploying lesser working capital and maximizing growth.

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