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ClickXam (Online exam Sytem)

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ClickXam (Online Exam System)

Take Online Exams With ClickXam!!

ClickXam has all the features that you need to run an online exam?

Question Bank:

Manage N number of questions for N number of subjects.

Instant Results:

Finished the tests & check your scores instantly on a click.

Flexible Tests:

You can stop anytime & continue later your tests easily.

Give More:

Give Notes, Paper Solutions & Video Lectures other then taking exams.

Quick Statistics:

One shot screen to check all the statistics of test taken, results & others.

Fully Responsive:

Simply you can use from your PC or Tab or Mobile.

Clickxam is simple yet a powerfull system to handle all your online exams!! Click Here to check
UserID and password for Admin User Id:   Password: 123
UserID and password for User User Id:   Password: 123

ClickXam: Simple Clicks To Run Your Exams

With everything getting online, exams in past years have majorly moved to online world, making the examinations system more fast, clear & simple.

There are many such online systems available in market but what let us to design a new one is to bring more accesibility with ease and a cost effective product affordable to all levels of clients

One of the major thing we highlighted above is the SIMPLICITY We kept in mind the non-technical staffs who will be using the system to feed the data and made it very simple to understand and create questions & test

One step ahead we are soon bringing the bulk uploading of questions via excel sheet to make it more flexible and simple to use.

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