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The Nagpur First Foundation hosted the 10th Annual Global Nagpur Summit in 2023. This significant yearly event, which marked its 10th edition, brought together people from different industries and the best IT companies in Nagpur to delve into the latest trends and technologies.

The summit encompassed workshops, international keynote speeches, and panel discussions featuring well-known IT leaders. There was so much discussion about the Social topics and the fashion and textile industry, but the primary topic for IT development at this global expo was 'Rising Nagpur’. The summit aimed to inspire companies in Nagpur to be the best. It recognizes and appreciates the hard work, excellence strategies, and work ethics that companies follow to elevate themselves.

The Global Social Expo on 'Towards Resilient Urban Company' took place on December 9th at Multipurpose Hall, IIM Mihan, Nagpur, and started at 9:30 a.m. 'IT Track Rising Nagpur' event occurred on December 10th at Banyan Hall, Chitnavis Centre, Nagpur, started at 9:30 a.m. The 'Textile & Fashion Track' summit was held on December 10th, at Tamarind Hall, Chitnavis Centre, Civil Lines, Nagpur. Lastly, the 'Global Nagpur Awards Chair' event took place on December 10th at the Persistent System Auditorium, IT Park, Nagpur, and started at 7 p.m.

Discussions highlighted Nagpur's transformative journey from an educational hub to a global delivery and innovation centre for IT services and solutions. The agenda also included coverage of product management skills, with a special emphasis on AI and data science.

We, Nass Technologies, attended the event, and it proved to be a surreal experience for us, providing valuable learning from the esteemed mentors of the IT industry. Attending this event was an esteemed privilege, providing us with valuable insights into the dynamic IT industry. As one of the IT companies based in Nagpur, we are excited about the impact of this conference on fostering enthusiasm for embracing innovative technologies and trends.

We are particularly thrilled that Nagpur, as a city, is embracing AI-driven technologies. This forward-thinking approach is instrumental in taking the IT industry forward and instilling a heightened sense of drive and innovation.

The summit proved to be a tremendous opportunity for industries to empower themselves, gain confidence for growth, and contribute to creating a well-rounded ecosystem for their companies. By attending these events, participants like us had the chance to learn about new opportunities and left feeling motivated to work even harder.

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