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First time in Muscat (Oman), the key business challenge or opportunity in the web designing and Software development projects is a Tough question to identify. We don’t make assumptions and we don’t just build whatever comes our way. We take your dreams, your ideas, and your concepts then watch them come to life. The first step is to hand-pick only the best enterprise application development projects and then no matter how good the idea sounds or how to interact our client. Nass Technologies put the proposed solution through a rigorous vetting process, polishing and streamlining the idea Business-led, technology savvy solutions built upon a foundation of strategy and the analysis of statistics. We ask along the way. Only then, are we ready to start designing and building the concept for you.

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Website and Software Development

We don’t build the local business website. We build scalable, effective, simple on top and complex under the web applications for your enterprise application development. We pinpointed Muscat software companies at first, but these web applications kick butt and solve big brands business problems. They can also be the product offered by the local start-ups in your downtown co working space.


Mobile App Development and Design

Nass technologies focuses on creating websites that actually turn visitors into customers. Reach out to us and our mobile application development company experts will get you an answer to get you up and running. Our knowledge with specific frameworks providers allows us to build highly scalable and dynamic mobile and web applications. These applications create real world monetary value for our start up and enterprise clientele. The App Design of your mobile application can either make or break it. The user’s experience with the app can quickly determine if it is one that gets put on the user’s home screen, is used daily or uninstalled after one use. We take user experience and interaction very seriously at Nass Technologies, being a top software company. The design strategy is critical in creating app store chart topping successes.

The business opportunity and application may solve a large and real problem that many users are willing to pay money to get solved. You may have great features and functions that get the job done, but if no one ever hears about, or uses your app among the millions on the app stores then every dollar spent in creating the application has been wasted. Let Nass’s team use their knowledge and expertise in user acquisition to get your app the millions of users it deserves and not let your development dollars go to waste.


Advanced SEO

Nass technology provides own web properties, which are ranking for some of the most competitive keywords in the search engines. Our Own Advanced SEO strategies paired with a killer web application are unstoppable we are one of the top Web development companies and software companies in the nation. Contact us now and let us help you rise in the ranks! Website design plays crucial role for website presence which is one of the foremost way of presenting oneself or one's company in highly competitive business world. In current scenario web presence is as much required as the physical presence and notice ability of individuals or companies. However, care should be taken while choosing specific website design. As recommended is to go for website design that is structured as search engines friendly. Such websites ranked fairly well even without search engine optimization and responds very good on applying Advanced SEO strategies to it The custom designed website should be decided upon the requirement, the need and result it targets to achieve (our website design works for it). Website should be content managed and effective to present what is wanted to be communicated across the medium. The website should not only appeal to the target audience but also make the company approachable to right people and right group. We are also working with SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Digital Marketing, Video Marketing.